Bonded Broadband

Bonded Broadband – the right way to combine multiple connections…

What is OIS Internet Bonding?

The OIS Internet Bonding solution involves having multiple broadband lines installed at your premises and using specialist OIS bonding equipment to link them together. The bonding equipment splits the Internet data up at a packet level, then sends it across all of your available broadband lines. The data is then put back together again using the core OIS bonding equipment within the PEN. The data is then sent to the Internet. This process occurs for both uploading and downloading Internet data.

Why OIS Internet Bonding?

A number of providers advertise Internet bonding but are actually providing Internet load balancing. As shown in the load balancing diagram each user is only able to utilise the bandwidth of a single line. Our true bonding solution gives you the combined bandwidth from all of the lines.




Load Balancing

With load balancing, your broadband lines are connected to a special router that intelligently switches connection to an additional line when the bandwidth from a primary line is exceeded.

It sounds impressive, and perhaps technically it is, but one has to consider that load balancing still only utilises the same bandwidth available from a single line for each connection and as such there is no combined bandwidth.


Bonded Internet
Bonded broadband involves the aggregation of all lines attached to the router so that both download and upload speeds are “bonded” together thus making it a considerably superior connection to a single or even load balanced connection.

With the Internet now taking leaps and bounds toward a far higher degree of interactive content with the addition of extra services like voice and video communications the combined bandwidth of a bonded connection has become a real alternative to the much higher cost leased lines that were once required. Additionally, in a rural setting where typical broadband speeds are much lower, bonding combines multiple slower lines into one fast connection.

Can my organisation benefit from Internet Bonding?

OIS Internet bonding is a cost effective, scalable Internet solution whether you are in a poorly connected broadband area or in a good one. Rural businesses who struggle to obtain a high quality Internet connection from one line alone will benefit hugely from OIS Internet bonding.

A faster Internet connection can allow access to cloud hosted solutions, VoIP telephone systems, video conferencing and other facilities previously impossible to use.

A large number of businesses in high quality broadband areas are also turning to an OIS bonded FTTC solution as an alternative to a FTTP line. A FTTP line can easily provide a 100Mbps symmetric Internet connection but typically costs tens of thousands of pounds per year in addition to potentially large open ended installation fees for any excess construction work..

As an alternative to a FTTP line a 100Mbps+ bonded FTTC connection could save 60% of the cost, with a low, fixed, installation fee.