Flex Compute


Flex Compute instances are great for building out your cloud infrastructure. You can spin up a single Flex instance or one hundred; allowing you to deploy a single application or move your entire server infrastructure to the cloud. Our platform has been designed to empower you with the scalability and control for a successful cloud deployment.

Block storage servers – We use distributed block storage for Virtual Machines (VMs), replicating your data 3x as standard to give you piece of mind.

High availability – Our platform has been designed to be highly available at every point. Your VM will automatically restart elsewhere in the unlikely even a host machine goes offline.

UK based – All of our cloud hosting Infrastructure is UK based. This means your sensitive data never leaves our UK data centres.

Orchestration – Use the power of our platform to build your cloud platform faster. Deploying from templates and using virtual routers; be up and running in minutes compared to hours.


  • Real-time deployment
    • No need to wait hours for the operating system to install. Flex Compute instances are up and running within minutes.
  • High availability
    • Your VM will automatically restart elsewhere in our cloud when the host machine goes offline.
  • 3x data replication
    • Our storage platform replicates your data across three different disks. Minimising the risk of data loss.
  • Hybrid Storage
    • Your VM will use a mixture of superfast NVMe flash storage and traditional SAS drives. Providing an awesome balance between performance and cost.
  • Templates
    • Deploy faster by using one of our pre-built templates
      • CentOS
      • Ubuntu
      • Windows 2016 Standard
      • CoreOS
      • Debian
      • Fedora