Business Broadband

Business Broadband should be designed for businesses. Anything less just wont do…

Today, a Broadband connection is a key element of your business plan. With more services hosted in the cloud, a poor broadband connection could seriously limit your business productivity and potential.

OIS has helped many different businesses achieve better broadband services including, but certainly not limited to, the following areas:


FSA Regulated Organisations


Financial advisors, insurance providers and even large accountancy businesses have a huge reliance on a good broadband connection to function as a business. As underwriters and other financial product systems are hosted in the cloud it has become an increasingly frustrating challenge for a business to access these services, limiting the number of concurrent transactions or proposals that can be created.This can seriously limit the potential growth of the business.

Hotels/Pubs (Public Wi-Fi)


Hotels, pubs and even sporting venues have a different type of broadband requirement. Like any business they will require a good broadband connection for back office systems, tills and internal communication, however they also have an expectancy to provide a public Wi-Fi solution. With the number of “on the road” staff increasing in the UK, it has become an almost mandatory requirement that these locations have Wi-Fi available, whether a hotel, restaurant or even a service station.



Businesses of all shapes and sizes are ever more reliant on a good broadband connections and services. The UK has seen a large rise in the number of successful small business who are now expanding, opening further offices and adding more staff to cope with demand. This can throw many challenges in the direction of the business manager or IT manager, including:

  • How do we link our offices together?
  • Should we host our system in the cloud?
  • How do we work from any location?

Not sure which connection is right for your business?

OIS provides Internet connections up to 10,000Mbps and are also able to use our unique Internet bonding technology to provide faster broadband connections even in rural or poor broadband locations.

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