Hybrid Cloud


Sometime the public cloud compute offerings is not enough, you want to reap some of the benefits of cloud computing whilst still keeping some equipment onsite. Enter our Hybrid Cloud Computing solution, using the same platform as our Flex Compute service offering combined our one of our connectivity solution (MPLS or VPN). Together this allows you to move some or all of your onsite servers into a secure, highly available, UK based, ISO27001 certified cloud solution.

Our setup explained

The Hybrid Cloud platform has been designed from the ground up to by highly available and resilient. Your systems will be hosted in something we call a Pod; this consists of at least eight hypervisors, which are shared by other CloudSchool customers. Each pod also contains a storage platform, consisting of multiple machines using a mixture of superfast NVMe flash storage and slow speed SAS drives, your data is replicated 3x to provided added piece of mind.

All of the components within this pod are connected together using multiple 10Gbps connections with both redundant components and devices to ensure any risk of downtime is greatly diminished and your data is never at risk.