Website Design for Education

Website design that represents your school in a modern format…


Tired of your school’s Website?

Your school website says so much about you so it is important to keep it looking as fresh and as up to date as possible. Your website could help you attract new pupils by improving your search engine presence or impress current parents and pupils by adding a school portal.

How can Oakford help?

Oakford has and continues to provide enterprise websites without breaking the bank. By using our professional design team you can create the perfect website for your school whilst also ensuring it can be maintained and updated by your own staff with ease using our popular CMS website editor.
There are many other important features that make up an Oakford powered website, including…


Advanced Website Hosting


Search Engine Optimisation

Our UK web hosting facilities provide fast, secure and unrestricted access to your website ensuring a good experience for parents and carers when visiting your website.  A great website is of little use if no-one can find it. At Oakford we have vast experience in search engine optimisation techniques and will have your website noticed in no time!

Dedicated Design Consultant


Social Media Integration

When choosing a new Oakford website you will be assigned a Web Design Consultant who will work with you to create the initial design, provide development site access and help you deliver your website on time. Social media has become huge over the last 10 years and as such can now provide an excellent market of opportunity that you should not pass up. Let us help you integrate social media into your website to improve your web presence.

Easy Web Based Editor


First Class Support

Our CMS websites require no prior website experience, training or proprietary software to keep up to date. Access your website editor from any device over the Internet. We will also provide free training and support material to ensure you have all the tools required to succeed. Once your website has launched, our experienced support team will be on hand to assist with any technical problems or questions you may have.