Why Oakford?

Tailor made solutions from over 18 years of Education ICT experience

As a specialist in the Education sector, Oakford has ensured the products and solutions offered are both secure and able to support the unique way that IT is used within a school. E.g. a business office could have a large number of users but they all login randomly and access services at different times of the day. In a school it is quite common for everyone to login to a computer during a very short period of time, save/print at the same time and access the same Internet based resources at the same time. For this reason we believe it is important to speak to a true Education IT specialist to ensure the correct connection type is provided for your school.


More than a broadband provider

Let’s be honest, there are hundreds if not thousands of broadband providers, however how many of them will understand and have experience of the systems that you use and the unique way that they are accessed within a UK school? Equally how many of them are willing or able to provide that extra service to ensure your new faster broadband solution is usable and suitable within school?


The Oakford Way

Oakford prides itself on being more than a broadband provider. We can actively assist you to ensure historical “plastic handcuffs” from LEAs or other providers do not play a factor in you choosing the right broadband connection for your school. We regularly assist with firewall re-configuration, VLAN modification and email migrations to name but a few.