Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

What is Ethernet First Mile ?

Ethernet First Mile is a lower-cost version of a leased line service. Ethernet First Mile provides a high-speed symmetrical Internet connection. Ethernet First Mile is a relatively new solution and UK availability is low. However telco’s are working to improve availability of the service.



How Does Ethernet First Mile Work?

Unlike a standard leased line, Ethernet First Mile uses existing copper lines to connect your premises to the local exchange instead of fibre. This means it is quicker, easier and cheaper to install. Because Ethernet First Mile uses standard copper lines that are already installed in the ground it means that excess construction charges, which can be tens of thousands of pounds, are eliminated in most cases.

What Speeds Can I Expect?

An Ethernet First Mile leased line solution can provide dedicated Internet access speeds ranging from 2Mbps up to 10Mbps. As it is a symmetric connection the download and uploads speeds will be equal.