Remote Backup for Education

How would your School recover if you lost your data?

How would you recover in the event of fire, flood or human error deleting some or even all of your data? Are you confident that your current backup method has worked? When was the last time you tested a restore of your files? As backup media such as tape, CD and external hard drives are now considered to be unreliable, more and more Schools are turning to Oakford to ensure their data is safe.

Traditional backup methods

Traditional backup methods such as tape drive, USB pen, external hard drives and CD/DVDs have proven to be time consuming, expensive and unreliable data backup solutions usually causing the following issues:

  • Responsibility for a member of staff to change the backup media and remove it from school
  • Risk of storing data on degradable media
  • Data backed up to an easy to lose, unencrypted source
  • Backups not easily restore tested
What is Remote Backup?

Remote Backup takes a copy of your data, encrypts it and then transfers it to a UK data centre via a secure “SSL” connection. A second copy is then sent to a secondary UK data centre that is in a different geographical location and email confirmation sent back to you once completed. In the event of fire, theft, human error or hardware malfunction you can be safe in the knowledge that all of your important data has been safely backed up and can be restored easily.
In summary Oakford Remote Backup will provide the following essential features:

  • A fully automated and secure backup each night
  • No need for staff to change tapes, disks etc.
  • No need for staff to take external backup media home such as a tape
  • No labelling of media or cleaning tapes required
  • Easily test restoring backups from any computer
  • An email is sent to you as soon as the backup is complete
  • Backups are kept in two certified, secure UK datacentres



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