Core Services

School broadband as it should be…

With over 20 years’ experience in the Education sector both from a broadband and technical services perspective, we believe that our core service offering will satisfy all recipients, from the Business Manager, through to the IT Manager and Head Teacher to the Classroom.


Content and Search Filtering Remote Backup
While there are many great facilities provided via the Internet, unfortunately there are also websites and content that should not be influencing our young children’s learning process. To ensure your children are protected from inappropriate content and potentially dangerous web threats, we provide a centrally managed, enterprise filtering solution. Our solution is BECTA approved and includes data from the IWF ensuring your school has the very best protection whilst also providing site by site flexibility. This solution includes real-time automatic updates. Discover more in our E-Safety section. With school management data, accounting records, legal documents and emails all being stored digitally, it has become increasingly important for all organisations to ensure they backup their data regularly and securely. To help achieve this we provide a free Oakford Backup account with every OIS broadband package and a standard Oakford Backup software site license inclusive of all core modules (Exchange, System State, SIMS, SQL etc.), a 50GB compressed and encrypted backup quota all neatly carried out by an automatic, secure backup each night with email confirmation in the morning.

Please visit for further details or a free trial. Larger quotas are available up to 100TB in size.
Hosting Services Email and Calendars
There are a large number of services which all organisations now rely upon in the cloud. To ensure you are well covered we provide the following facilities with every OIS broadband package.

  •  1GB Advanced Web Hosting Space, with support for PHP, MySQL, HTML and more.
  • Centrally Managed Windows Update Server (WSUS).
  • SSL Certificate which can be used to secure your own email access or remote access to your computer system.
  • One UK school domain name, keep your current name or register a new domain name.
  • Hosted Moodle VLE server.
  • Need more hosting services? Check out our Cloud hosted services here
Provide students and staff with an enterprise-grade communication and productivity suite with Microsoft Office 365.

Create an unlimited number of email accounts and benefit from the latest Microsoft software. Your email can be accessed from Outlook on your desktop, on your phone/tablet or from a web browser using the Outlook Web App. You can choose to keep your existing email addresses and domain name or create a new one to use with the following services

  • Email and calendars.
  • View your email and calendars across multiple devices, or create a shared calendar.
  • Take full advantage of One Drive and SharePoint Team Site technologies and other Microsoft Office Web Apps.
  • Microsoft Office 365 provides more than email, find out more here